Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Breaking the Love Making Routine

Remember when you first started dating your spouse? The endless love making, the romance, the heart flutters, the excitement, the passion, the anticipation, it was all on over drive.

For many couples, their sex life tends to decrease over time. The same level of passion and excitement is no longer there. They're left with the same old routines that almost feel robotic. What couples really want, it excitement, something new. Is it any wonder why some choose to have affairs?

So what can you do to bring that excitement back into your sex life? One thing many couples do is to start using various types of adult toys. There are plenty of inexpensive adult toys so you don't have to spend loads of money. Many people use these sex toys for personal use but there are tons of toys you can use together as a couple. It's not so much about being kinky, it's more about being adventurous and bringing back some excitement into the bedroom.

Most couples try different positions but after a while, settle on a couple of different ones and that will become routine and boring. With the toys, you can try different things and have different sensations. Role playing is a big thing as well.

The goal is to do something different, something that will bring excitement and usually, excitement comes from doing something new. This is usually why the "honey moon" stage is much for exciting. It's also the reason why many people cheat, the newness, the excitement.

In order to prevent that from happening to you, bring back excitement into your relationship. This includes everything, not just the bedroom sex. A mini vacation, a romantic dinner, trying new activities, even trying out a new hairstyle, all of these things can help break the old routine that has become so boring.

When many people think of using sex toys, they think of bondage or S&M and get turned off. Hey, you never know what you'll like until you try it. Besides, you don't have to do those things, there are plenty of other things you can try as well. You just need to be creative and realize that some things will work and some things won't.

The more options you have, the harder it'll be to get bored. Sex can be fun even if you've been married for decades. Figure out how to make yourself and your partner excited again by breaking the routine and the boring sex life will be a thing of the past.